Build Your Dream

Unveiling a Grand Vision

Welcome to our realm of expertise at SVA Heritage, where we unveil a grand vision for your home’s renovation needs. With a commitment to excellence, our comprehensive array of services covers every aspect of plumbing and repair works tailored to your home. Our skilled team offers top-notch quality in every project. Trust us to be your partners in preserving the integrity and functionality of your home, ensuring a seamless experience with every service we offer.

Build Your Dream

12 Years of Unrivaled Excellence

Visualize the art of turning dreams into reality with SVA Heritage. Our dedication to crafting bespoke solutions ensures that every step of building your dream is tailored to your distinct vision. From inception to creation, let us accompany you in bringing to life not just structures, but the essence of your aspirations.


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Years of experience with proud


To be the Best Service Provider with highly satisfied Happy Clients in areas of Property Leasing. Renting and Construction works.


To Provide best, reliable, transparent, budget friendly, timely construction services to our client and educate them on the scope of works with a SMILE

Who We Are

We hail from the traditional Nattukottai Nagarathar Chettair Community of Devakottai. Our founder Late Sri O.RM.M.SP.SV.A. Annamalai Chettiar was noted for his Piety, Charity, Philanthropy, Social Consciousness and Boundless magnamity. His business acumen and good experience in Banking, Investment, Real Estate and Property Development paved the way for his success. However, his priorities remained focused on service to mankind, religion, education and health. He was the recipient of Bharath Udyog Award for Socio-Economic Contribution in 1993.Sri Sevugan Annamalai College for Arts and Science Devakottai , founded by him in 1972 bears testimony to his sense of Social Responsibility, for the College does not collect any Capitation fee from its students.

Late Sri O.RM.M.SP.SV.A. Annamalai Chettiar
Late Smt A. Sivagami Aachi


Preserving the Past for a Sustainable Future

SVA Heritage offers a gateway to sustainable living. Experience reliability, efficiency, and peace of mind as we provide tailored services aimed at maintaining the integrity of your home. Embrace a sustainable future with solutions that honor the past while enhancing your living space for generations to come.

Best Practices Followed.

SVA Heritage is a reliable real estate developer that prioritizes eco-friendly materials, modern technology, communication and quality checks.

Our Services

SVA Heritage offers a one-stop solution for all your property and household needs. Our high-quality services include property selling, buying, leasing, home cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. We offer transparent and reliable services with expert guidance. Our experienced team expectations. Contact us today for prompt and efficient services.

Property Services

At SVA Heritage, our property services are meticulously crafted to reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence. We take pride in our approach, ensuring timely completion of construction projects while educating our clients throughout the process. Our emphasis on delivering high-quality service sets us apart. From property leasing to seamless rentals and precision-driven construction works, we are dedicated to surpassing client expectations. To be the Best Service Provider with highly satisfied Happy Clients in areas of Property Leasing. Renting and Construction works.

Household Services

Plumbing, painting, electrical work, carpentry, false ceiling, civil construction, air conditioning, and tile cleaning are all services provided by SVA Heritage. For quick solutions, the team employs innovative tools and methodologies. You may rely on them for plumbing, painting, electrical work, carpentry, and false ceiling building. They also offer air conditioning solutions and tile cleaning.

Success Chronicles

We strive for excellence and success with our innovative ideas in everything we do as top performers in our industry.

How We Work

We work tirelessly, blending expertise and dedication to transform your property aspirations into reality. With attention to detail and a commitment to transparency, our team ensures seamless execution, delivering exceptional results every step of the way.

Best house renovation

Discover the art of home transformation with SVA Heritage's House Renovation services. Our creative prowess and craftsmanship breathe new life into your home, ensuring an unparalleled blend of elegance and functionality. Experience the epitome of renovation excellence as we redefine your living space, leaving a mark of timeless beauty and innovation.

Effective Teamwork

SVA Heritage values teamwork with clear communication, effective delegation, and respect. Tasks are assigned based on strengths, with feedback to improve performance.

Good Planning

Plan effectively for SVA heritage with stakeholder involvement, clear objectives, timelines, monitoring, and communication.

Safe Work

Protect SVA heritage with proper gear, facilities, risk assessments, worker training, and security protocols to deter theft and unauthorized access.